Clogged Drains in Renton? Here Is What to Do

It is not uncommon for the drains in a home to clog. When this occurs, the material running through them cannot go down into the drain but rather comes back up. The home has numerous drains throughout it, but larger ones also exist in the basement or foundation. When these clogged drains in Renton backup, they cause that material to back up into the home, flooding it and creating a dangerous situation. If this is happening to you, what should you do about it?

What to Do Immediately

If you have clogged drains in Renton right now, stop and call a plumber immediately. It is important to stop the drains from coming up and into your home. The best way to do this is to have a professional come to your home and snake or flush them out using pressurized water. This will dislodge any of the material blocking them, allowing water to flow through them again.

It is also important to never worsen the problem. That is, never pour chemicals down the drain in the hopes of opening them up. This can actually cause a significant amount of damage to the interior lines of the pipes, worsening the problem and causing potentially more expensive repair needs. Instead, call a licensed plumber for immediate help to protect your home.

Before you have to worry about clogged drains in Renton, call our team first. It is best to ensure your drains allow water to move freely through them, the best possible function. If a backup occurs, it can create a dangerous situation for your home. Avoid this by allowing our team at Pat’s Plumbing to come to your home four routine drain cleaning. To schedule a service, call Pat’s Plumbing today for the help you need.


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