We Are Drainage Pipe Experts

Pat’s licensed plumbers are drainage pipe experts, from clogged drains to sewer line replacement or repair; we’re your rooter specialists!

Our licensed plumber Mike converted a home in Federal Way from an existing septic system which was failing to a city sewer connection. There are various ways to perform this service; in this instance our technicians had to hand dig the new sewer line so as not to disturb the owner’s yard and their neighbors yard.

Pat’s Plumbing service plumbers are able to clear or repair any slow moving drain. Does your kitchen sink drain too slow? Is your garbage disposal have a hard time getting the water down? Our local plumbers are ready to clear that kitchen drain with same day service!


Are You Tired Of Gurgling Drains?

Are you tired of your bathroom sink gurgling while it drains? Pat’s Plumbing’s local plumbers come prepared to clear your bathroom sink drain and help you with tricks to avoid future clogged drains. Using Bio Clean once a month will help maintain clear drains without the use of harsh chemicals.


Do your feet take a bath while you’re really trying to take a shower? Our licensed plumbers are ready to clear your shower drain or tub drain and give you tricks so the problem does not persist. Using bio clean will naturally maintain your drains without the use of harsh chemicals.


When our licensed plumber is at your home, he will also offer you a whole house inspection just to make sure all of your plumbing is working properly. At Pat’s Plumbing we believe in preventative plumbing maintenance. If you have clogged drains and do not take care of them you may have a bigger problem down the road, we can help you keep your drains flowing!

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

As mentioned above, slow moving drains can be the warning signs of a bigger problem. If you are experiencing chronically clogged drains, you may have a blocked sewer line or a sewer full of tree roots. Tree roots can make their way into your sewer line and wreak havoc on your sewer system. A licensed plumber can send a small camera down your main sewer line to see what the problem is and then discuss your options with you.

At Pat’s Plumbing we take care of all the details. From locating all of your utility cables to pulling city permits, we do our best to make it as easy as possible for you the homeowner. We are proud of our clean work sites; our plumbing technicians do their very best to keep your yard and home as clean as possible during the sewer line repair or replacement.


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